Field Camp is Over!~

Posted: 28/11/2010 in Uncategorized

FINALLY, I have managed to pull through field camp after 5 days of hell. Seriously, it was not easy. Although I prayed for good weather, it rained everyday except for the last day of field camp. 0.o’! The whole camp site was so super muddy that the mud sticks to my boots no matter where I walked. Well, here is a brief overview of what I did over the last 5 days.

Day 1

We did a 8 KM route march to our camp site and upon reaching, we were told to construct our shelter there. After pitching up our tents, my buddy and I had to dig a canal around our tent so as to prevent rainwater from coming into our tent. No less than 2 hours, the canal we dug was put to the test. It started to rain heavily and the rainwater could be seen flowing down the canal and we thought that it was rather successful. But after 15 mins of rain, parts of the canal were choked with water and water started to seep into our tent. Seriously, both my buddy and I felt so demoralised because this meant that we had to sleep in muddy waters for the next 2 nights.

Day 2

We had Individual Field Craft lessons for the whole entire day. Nothing much really happened except the fact that my buddy and I had to sleep and live in mud. Tekan session also started on this day and it was expected to get more intense over the next few days.

Day 3

We were woken up with an expected turnout. Thunderflash was thrown all over the place, Trip Flare was lit, Sergeants were screaming profanities all over the shop to wake all of us up. As it was an artillery fire drill, we had to quickly tear down our tent, pack up all our bags, account for the platoon strength, had our bags and equipment checked, and go for a 2KM route march. Then we had a tekan session, followed by breakfast. After which, we had a lesson on digging shellscrape and then it was our turn to dig our own shellscrape. For me, it was manageable as the ground where I was on was rather soft. However, I felt really disgusted because I dug many earthworms and even 1 centipede which was really huge and fierce. Imagine sleeping in a shellscrape like mine! We then had a rather intense tekan session once again and literally, after everything, we felt so frustrated and tired that some of us started to tear. Our uniforms were literally like those of the US Army, solid brown! Letters from our parents were then given to us and when I received and read mine from my parents, I teared because it was rather touching and I knew I had to push on no matter how tough the field camp may be. We then had a muddy lunch, wrote back to our parents to thank them for encouraging us, and went back to digging our shellscrape. However, the weather was not really kind to us and it started to rain heavily. Hence, our shellscrape was filled with water. By the time the rain stopped, it was dinner and we then had a confidence night walk. This night was one of the longest and coldest night I have ever experienced in my whole entire life. Because our shellscrape was flooded with the rainwater, we had to lay our groundsheet on the muddy ground and gather in groups of 3 to sleep together. As our pants, underwear, and boots were all wet, it made things worst because we were literally freezing throughout the whole entire night. I myself slept less than 2 hours and had to wake up most of the time trying to keep myself warm by burning solid fuels and tree branches. I seriously wanted to fall out but because my buddy and section mates were all pushing on, I am really glad I survived that night.

Day 4

We had our Ground Battle Course the whole entire day. Nothing much really happened except that my platoon had a tekan session at night. Thankfully, it was not very cold at night and I was able to catch some sleep after my sentry duty. It was also the night I encountered a wild boar.

Day 5

Well, we had tekan session in the morning and we had to cover back our shellscrape. After which, we then had a paintball session. Not as exciting as the one I have played outside. However, the training programme was really tight and we literally had to do everything fast in order to book out on time. Nothing much happened except that we had to do fast clean-up, fast returning of arms, and fast book out.

The Aftermath? Well, I still have rashes all over my hand and yes, it was the first time I ever experienced heat rash. It was so painful that it literally felt like thousands of needles poking my skin. I had lots of clothing that had to be washed which is already ready by now. And yes, a smelly and stinky boot which is also fresh and ready to be used for booking in later.

Although field camp was seriously very tough because of the adverse weather condition, nevertheless; I am also glad that this high key event for my BMT assessment is over. This also meant that I am one step closer to my graduation parade. Well, I have less than 5 hours more to booking in and I will not be able to book out next week as I would be having my SIT test over the weekends, (another 3 days 2 nights outfield)! Alright then, I shall blog till here for now. I would be visiting the new shopping mall nearby my place which has already opened and would be buying some stuffs to stock up for the week. Till then!~

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